TMJ, Headache & Neck Pain

Some common types of headaches seen are tension-type, cervicogenic, and migraine.  Each have a particular pattern that distinguishes them from each other but can make it difficult to concentrate, be comfortable or perform your routine activities.  TMJ, the joint, and TMD, the dysfunction, are often use interchangeably and can take some time to develop into a problem.  Other times, it can begin after any type of trauma or a prolonged dental procedure.  Neck pain is among the most common complaint reported that has a variety of sources and symptoms, sometimes into the head or into the arm.  Ideally, these symptoms should not just be ignored or treated with only pain relieving medication.

The specially trained, highly skilled therapists at New York Physical therapy will provide you with a thorough clinical assessment and create an individualized, comprehensive approach to the treatment and management of your condition.  Too often, people suffer needlessly from headaches and TMJ disorders without ever getting adequate treatment, but relief is possible with our unique, non-invasive approach, which includes manual therapy, neuromuscular and postural re-education, therapeutic exercises, relaxation and breath training. 

When first arriving at our practice, we thoroughly review your history.  Some of your complaints might include pain on one or both sides of your head, pain with turning your head, or difficulty chewing, biting or talking.  You may experience a click or popping sound when you open your mouth.  Next, we discuss what your goals are for therapy, whether it is performing your basic everyday tasks at work and home, or tasks that require more effort like lifting heavy shopping bags, your child, or even playing sports or exercising.  Lastly, we find it beneficial to coordinate your care with other professionals, for example dentists, neurologists, or trainers.  This collaboration ensures more effective care and better outcomes.  

Ultimately, our commitment is to you and your recovery.  At New York Physical Therapy, you are not treated as a diagnosis of TMJ, headaches, or neck pain.   You are treated as an individual with the goal of living a life with less pain and limitations, and a healthier you.