"I really appreciate that therapy takes place one-on-one…The atmosphere is warm and friendly. This is a place where real change in physical functionality can take place."
- Vivian P.
“Am very grateful to have a physical therapist that is not only convenient but is helping me so very much in maintaining my balance and ability to walk erect. I had a meniscus tear in my left knee and without surgery, Jim Harwood was able to correct it so that it is no longer painful.”
- Rose Z.
"I have found New York Physical Therapy to be a wonderful resource. I was impressed by the thorough intake process and by the excellent therapy I received which increased my strength and vastly improved my ability to function.”
- Harriet K.
"The skill and personal dedication of the entire staff is unparalleled when compared to other therapy I have tried."
- Joe G.
“This is my second session of physical therapy at this facility. For both sessions I have found the ambiance and the staff to be superior. Everyone is very supportive and they make the experience very pleasant.”
- Thad M.
“My experience has been all positive. NYPT has the most competent, caring staff. It has been my pleasure to work with them. They are wonderful magicians of health and well being.”
- Helen B.
“This is the best place ever! All the people are great and they really know their stuff.”
- V.W.
“Fabulous. Terrific evaluation! Wonderful focus on total body working as a unit!!! Not just one body part. I am thrilled to have found NYPT and I totally recommend it to all.”
Mady G.