Neurological Rehabilitation

Our creative and innovative approach is what draws clients to our practice. Our therapists are noted experts with extensive experience working in the field of neurological rehabilitation.  They specialize in comprehensive individualized treatments incorporating a variety of techniques that will help you to optimize your quality of life.

One particularly innovative approach is called Spinal Mobility, created by one of our therapists, Lawrence Harding.   Spinal Mobility is a hands on approach that uses belts, straps and inflated balls to facilitate movement in the trunk and extremities.  This helps clients discover new possibilities of movement and promotes an improvement in balance during those movements.  The Spinal Mobility technique was primarily designed for people with spinal cord injury but may be used with any client (neurological, orthopedic, general deconditioned) with trunk weakness.

Other treatments offered by our therapists at New York Physical Therapy are proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), neuro-reeducation, motor learning, progressive resistive exercises, transfer training, gait and balance training, and wheelchair mobility training.  We believe that education is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle so we spend a significant amount of time teaching clients preventative and observational measures.  More often than not, family and/or other members of the client’s care receive advice and have questions answered to help facilitate the clients’ rehabilitative program.

Whether the client is newly diagnosed or injured or has a chronic condition, we understand that living with a neurological disability presents itself with unique challenges.  Our priority is to work with you and whomever else is on your team, from health care professionals to family, and optimize your function despite those challenges.