A Great Way to Give Your Newborn a Head Start on Life - Cranial-Sacral Manual Therapy

All Moms and Dads want what is best for their kids, best schools, best doctors, best foods why not the best possible start.  Very few parents know the great benefits to their child’s health and growth Cranial-sacral therapy can achieve and available as soon as just a few days after birth.

If you take the time to understand the nature of the birthing process, the actual mechanism that allows the fetus to become a newborn baby – the molding and twisting and turning required of the baby as it descends down and out the birth canal. The overlapping of bones, the compression and tensions of their bodies and the truly amazing resiliency most newborns demonstrate.  Most of the time their resiliency reverses much of the stresses associated with the delivery – often through crying, yawning and breathing.  Unfortunately, though, there are quite a few that can’t relieve all the stresses and may or may not exhibit subtle or not so subtle symptoms soon after birth.

Some signs might include; the newborn having trouble latching or having too small of a latch and then possibly causing an issue for Mom and nursing.  Another might be too weak of a suck and thus a lot of air and inefficient nursing occurs.  You may also notice that the baby prefers or only nurses from one breast and not the other.  Still possible is the baby spitting up or projectile vomiting after each feeding. All of which may cause a baby not to thrive or at least have trouble growing properly.

In all of these cases the common problem can be tension in the part of the baby’s head where the nerves to the muscles and tissues involved with these functions come from.  And this tension is possible in a normal or difficult birth alike.

A list of possible issues might include the following
• Birth trauma
• Latching and feeding problems
• Sucking problems
• Torticollis
• Asymmetrical head shape
• Overlapped bones
• Reflux or projectile vomiting

Cranial-sacral manual therapy is the perfect solution for these issues.  Its purpose is to evaluate the vulnerable areas in the newborn with the expectation of finding these unresolved tensions relieving them and either solving the issue or preventing any issue from starting.

Cranial-sacral manual therapy is a very gentle and often relaxing type of intervention that works to relieve the tension(s) in the bones of the head, the membranes in the craniums and the tissues of the body, with the purpose of aligning the body structurally and allowing the systems to work properly.

As alluded to above, one very critical area that needs to be at least evaluated if not treated in all newborns is the where the baby’s head meets their neck. This is one of the few areas that the bones are a bit more established at birth and is, as well, a very important area because many of the nerves that help with sucking, eating, digesting food and moving their jaw, head and neck come from.  This type of therapy can find those tensions and relieve them –thus relieving these symptoms or preventing them from ever starting. 

As the child grows other symptoms may start to reveal themselves such as:

• Chronic Earaches/infections
• Developmental Delays
• Not thriving
• Not sleeping well
• Eye strabismus

Cranial-sacral manual therapy has been known to help with all these areas as well. Again, by finding the areas with tension(s) and blocks, releasing them and allowing the baby’s normal resiliency and health to be exhibited and thus allowing for normalcy of functioning.

Whether you are a new parent or have much experience, if you have never tried this type of therapy for your newborn, your child or yourself for that matter – it may pleasantly surprise you and you may end up asking –  why hasn’t anyone ever told me about this before?  Well consider yourself informed.

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